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I've got an itch

What's with my new job? I don't know what else to tell you aside from this: It pleases me. I am not nearly as worn down after working a shift on this floor. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy by any means. I have a lot to learn and it's real work, but I feel happier. I'm nicer to Jason and I've even been a little too nice to myself lately...gaw. I need to stop rewarding myself with processed desserts...it's a problem. I mean, don't hate, but I eat zebra cakes and honey buns like there is no tomorrow. I eat 'til I'm tired, or sick, whichever comes first. Oh YES, and just so you know, your metabolism comes to an abrupt hault when you turn 23. I didn't believe it, but it's true. If it gets worse, feel free to keep it to yourself. For some strange reason, when people tell me, "It could be worse," I don't feel any better. Really? It will likely get worse than this? Now I feel splendid, just splendid. I'm just glad that I don't get the "cold sweats" before going to work anymore. I look like I've been through something in this picture. Although you may be thinking otherwise, I am totally rational, calm, and collected...yeah. I don't know what people are talking about, I've got it all together. Just ask Boris.

All things considered life is good in "the neighborhood." I've finally come to terms with Kris winning American Idol, and I am okay. Well almost...okay, I lied. Sorry, he just isn't that good {fist in mouth}. How many more Jason Mraz wannabes can the world take on? Seriously. Adam is the bomb, and I wanted him and Allison in the finale. America, I thought I knew you. Whatever.For those of you who witnessed the show-down...KISS scares me. No lie. I keep watching it on my DVR and it freaks me out. Gene Simmons' tongue and the way he bobs his head makes me go into the fetal position. Freaky...but I can't stop watching.
Also...I'VE GOT AN ITCH! The travel bug bit me and I really want to plan an awesome vacation. I mean, I want to spend a ridiculous amount of my hard earned cash on a cruise to Scotland, Ireland, England, and Paris. I found one for next August 2010 baby! Is it stupid to go? I was just thinking about it and when I'm old and prune-like someday, looking back on my life...what will I remember? I'm not gonna give a flying rats about what car I drove when I was 23, but I will remember an awesome trip with Jason.

Speaking of my lover, he is obsessed with bag pipes, so I know he would love to see Scotland. "I want my baby back baby back baby back...ribs." Yeah, I sang it..."barbecue sauce." Stop kidding yourself, you love it and you always have. "Chile's baby back ribs." Okay I'll stop. "Chile's baby back ribs." Sorry, I lied.
I think Ireland will be awesome too, but leprechauns scare me. I mean, have you seen this movie? "I want me gold! Hehehehaha." Hopefully we can make it happen and hopefully I don't get attacked by a fat bastard or mini leprechaun.

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Devin & Ruthann said...

You're hilarious! And I say you should go on the vacation! Once you have kids, it'll be much harder to get away, so do it while you can! (Not that kids aren't the greatest thing ever, but you know what I mean.)

It's funny b/c my brother said the exact same thing about Kris.

Oh, and yes, I remember that dumb Talkboy. That was just a tape recorder. How lame were we? Haha

Liz and Navin said...

I loved this post!! I'm so glad that you like your job now!! We need to hang out soon! We got our house!! So we are thinking of having a house warming party! We will let you know!

P.s. KISS totally freaks me out too!

Ericka Johnson said...

It DOES get worse and I'm living proof, honey. I like to blame it on getting older, but really I think it has more to do with homemade chocolate chip cookies and a deep seeded aversion to exercise.

I've had a vacation to Scotland planned for about 5 years. I don't think it will happen anytime soon for me (darn kids need braces) so I'll pass all my research on to you. I found this place that rents furnished cottages overlooking Loch Ness---heaven!

I'll be in AZ for the summer. We'll talk.

*Becky* said...

LOL you are too funny!! I think a cruise would be fun. I wish I could go on a cruise, but I think I need to earn some of that cash too. And when are we going to get together?

Josh and Elisha Sandberg said...

That sounds like an awesome vacation! If I could I would totally go to Europe--get in the fun trips before you have kids and its too late. I'm so happy you enjoy the new job.

Anonymous said...

I liked reading this post :) I have to disagree with you about Adam on American Idol. He bothered the heck outta me!!! Not sure why everyone liked his high pitched screams. He needs to stick to doing just Broadway. And Kris~ I wonder if he has ever looked at himself singing in the mirror..?? I'm thinking NOT. If I had to choose between the two, I would have picked Kris.. I guess!

I want to go on another Cruise!! I would love to go to Ireland or Canada next. Matt's family is from Scotland, so that would be his choice, I'm sure. Men in plaid skirts scare me. :(

Sooo Glad that you are more relaxed and loving your new job. You deserve it!! And I'm sure you make a great NURSE!!! :)

Miss you :) xo

Jami said...

oh, travlers lust! I had that a couple of months ago. I kept telling Spencer "can I just go and rent a breach house in Greece for a couple of months?"
I agree with everyone...go before you have kids!
I feel the same way about spending money. I would rather travel then buy cars, or nice houses.

Candi said...

You should totally go!!!! Seriously travel all you can, because that is what you are going to remember, travel with someone you love and seeing the world......now that is sweet!! Plus everyone deserves an awesome trip you talk about forever! I am trying to think where I am going next, and I am so thinking Ireland and Paris!

Well I hope you do it! I will be super jealous

Jeannie and Jason said...

P.S. anyone else who is irresponsible with their money is welcome to join us on this trip...if it happens.

P.S.S. Becky, we can get together any time. I'm off 'til next Monday. Woot Woot! Just finished my 3rd 12 hour shift this week and slept til 5 p.m.

Olivia Shill said...

My stomach is hurting from laughing so hard last night. And I'm laughing now just thinking about everything.

Luke & Shawnie said...

I found your blog just now and had to leave a comment. You are so beautiful my gosh I love your header picture of you and Jason, it's the cutest picture ever! I am trying to get into nursing school right now, so I am so jealous of ya! and that cruz sounds A-mazing...haha and I can't stop laughing from the fat bastard!

Olivia Shill said...

Can I live on your back porch when it gets a little cooler outside?

Chris, Mom,and Grandma said...

Go for it, but don't let kids stop you thats why they have Grandpa's and Grandma's so we can enjoy them while there parents are off having fun! well and for the Ribs! sorry no can do at Chili's there the best at Famous Daves!!! yum you must give them a try,.... your post alway makes me laugh!!!